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Saturday, August 18, 2012

DIY Camera Stabilizer Rig sample footage

This is sample footage shot using self-build fig rig/handheld stabilizer for DSLR and camcoders.

Shooting handheld often leaves you with shaky footage that is unusable. This is why I’ve searched the net for simple  ways to improve camera stability. This is one  of the rig’s I’ve built and again I went with the easiest and inexpensive design I could find.

Here’s my “How To” video that gives a break down of how to build this rig.

1 comment:

  1. nice. I also made a DIY steadicam but realised that when you switch lenses etc, there needs to be some well placed fine tuning features to re-adjust/balance very quickly. So i bought one instead.
    I do still make rigs though - i am currently building a 4m powered dolly track for my next film,please see latest progress pics here: http://www.takeitoutsidefilms.co.uk/progress-pics-on-4m-powered-track/


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